Farmers Insurance Agents: What if a tree falls on your home?

A gush of wind comes along and knocks over a tree from your yard onto a neighbor’s home, now what do you do? There are possibilities for high winds during this time of year and your falling tree, while a rare occurrence, could land on someone else’s home causing everyone to be in a state of panic. Have you ever wondered if your insurance policy covers the cost of damages done to someone else’s home? This is an interesting scenario and it is always a possibility. In this type of situation there would be a certain way things were handled by your Farmers insurance agent in Oklahoma City near Midwest City, OK.

First things first; try to remain calm. If you have a specific claim then you should always call your Farmers insurance agent, in Oklahoma City near Midwest City, OK, right away. Nonetheless; the insurance provider for the home that is damaged is responsible for taking care of the claim. In this scenario, the wind is considered a natural event and would not be deemed as negligence on the home owner’s part. This would also be the same for you in the event that a tree fell on your home.

In the case that the tree was found to be rotted or there was proof that the tree should have been removed, there may be a claim for negligence. If you have a suspicion that your trees are at the point that they may need to be removed from your home, then it might be a good idea to consider having a professional take a look for you. Having aging trees removed from your property will be a time and money saver. This could also save your home or a neighbor’s home from getting damaged.

Beware of falling trees and if there is ever a problem just give your friendly Farmers insurance agent a call.

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