Farmers agents: Breaking it down

To many clients, talking to a Farmers agents in Oklahoma City, OK seems a little daunting. Most people have it in their minds that Life insurance isn’t something that they truly need. Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City are ready to help you with the service you need to lead you in the right direction and help you navigate the Life insurance process. You should be aware of the situations you could stumble on and why having life insurance would help.

First of all, you have options when it comes to choosing your Life insurance policy! The two types of insurance policies provided by Farmers agents in Oklahoma City are called Term insurance and Permanent insurance. Term insurance covers events that are more temporary, only covers for a specific period of time and is, generally, cheaper than Permanent insurance. The Permanent insurance is better if you have long-term needs such as income for a spouse, covering an inheritance for your children or end-of-life expenses. With Permanent life insurance you get even more options as this type of policy breaks down into two different categories: Whole life insurance and Universal life insurance. A little about these:

Whole life:
1.) Premiums are guaranteed never to increase as long as policy remains in force.
2.) Offers guaranteed cash value accumulation
3.) Policy owner may borrow against cash value of policy

Universal life:
1.) Allow you to tailor it to meet changing needs
2.) Flexible premiums and benefits while possibly building cash value
3.) Policy owner may borrow against cash value of policy

Now, you know a little bit about what options Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City can provide to you, but why do you need Life insurance? Think about it the cost of a funeral service and the burial. This alone can take you into territory of spending thousands of dollars. Life insurance would help your family pay for those final expenses. If you have a spouse and children, it would be nice to know that if something should happen to you that they are taken care of, financially. With Permanent life insurance the surviving spouse wouldn’t need to replace an income that was essential to the family.

For many, a combination of Term and Permanent Life insurance policies are best. Give your friendly Farmers agent in Oklahoma City a call to receive more information.

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