Farmers Insurance Agents in Oklahoma City: Friendly helpers

Having a baby is such a joy in life and Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City know there is so much you have to do in preparation for your little one growing tall enough to reach into things they shouldn’t be getting to. When the youngest member of your family starts walking, you want to make sure that your home is ready. Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City know that little ones like to get into things and we bet whether you’re a new parent or an experienced parent, you have these concerns. In part one of this series we Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City will suggest two out of five baby proofing tips.

1.)Television: Flat screen, HD TV’s are all the rage these days and it’s difficult to find any home owner without one. Sometimes, people have one in every room. If this is you, Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City suggest making sure every television in the house is secured and bracketed down so that they won’t fall or tip over onto your toddlers.

2.) Phone Chargers & Laptop Cords: Something that makes Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City nervous are cords. Not that we have a phobia or anything, but they are serious dangers to children. How many of you plug in your cell phones every night or keep your laptops charged while you use them? These are things to be careful of. It is good to keep those cords away from your kids by placing chargers high up and out of reach. Any power strips or extension cords can be behind or on top of furniture where your little one is less likely to reach them.

A lot of parents tell Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City that they feel overwhelmed, because they feel like they have to watch their children relentlessly, keep moving dangerous items up and cover up absolutely everything harmful. In today’s busy, technology driven life, the customary baby proofing method are changing. The traditional childproof drawer locks, corner covers and bathtub mats are still vital to use, but it is a good idea to be aware of some modern baby proofing techniques. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will give you three more baby proofing tips!

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