Farmers Insurance Agents in Oklahoma City: Explaining How Dirt Hurts

Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City have a pretty good feeling that for many people their vehicle is more than just a way to get from point “A” to point “B.” Maybe you are someone who takes pride in your car and even enjoy having a specific car color to let your personality shine through. Even if your car isn’t the newest, you probably also maintain oil changes, tire rotations and (hopefully) cleaning out the inside from time to time. Chances are though that you may forget about washing the outside of your car. Have you ever gone weeks without washing the outside of your car? If you have, you’re probably not alone.

Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City warn you that it can be damaging to your car if you don’t wash it regularly. A dirty car can be more than just ugly looking or stinky. The truth is that the dirt can hurt, because the build up on the car acts like sandpaper in a way. That sounds pretty serious, right? Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City understand if you’re skeptical, but read on! The dirt build up wears down and weakens the paint on your car. Before too long the mixture of dirt, rain and other toxins from pollution in the air can make your paint chip off. Have you ever parked under a tree for shade, but later regretted the decision thanks to bird poop? If you don’t wash that off of your car, you are subjecting your paint job to being ruined even faster.

Not convinced that you need to wash your car? Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City may have heard that some people don’t really care what their car looks like (we hope that you do, though). If you don’t care about your paint being chipped off, you should. It’s important, because the paint protects the body of the car from elements and exposes the car’s body to moisture. This can lead to rust, which can lead to corrosion and damage to the car. All of this makes your car weaker.

So, as a final message from all of Farmers insurance agents in Oklahoma City we say “Scrub, scrub, scrub. Wash that car; Keep in clean!”

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