OKC Insurance Agents: Safety tips to prepare your car

The end of May is upon us and many of the OKC insurance agents love to think about the impending summer vacation to be had. Even more importantly, we know our customers are probably already gearing up for a vacation right about now and we wanted to bring you some road trip safety tips. In order to give, possibly, the best advice before you head on your road trips, OKC insurance agents turned to Safecar.gov (a site by the U.S. Department of Transportation). The following safety tips list was derived from information found on their website:

1.) Tires: Make sure you have the proper tire pressure to avoid a tire blowout. You also want to make sure you have proper tread on the tires.

2.) Wiper blades: Over the last few months of rain, snow and sleet your windshield wipers may have taken a beating. Check for wear and tear and if they aren’t looking great replace them before you leave.

3.) Cooling system: Your coolant level is important. If you’re not sure how to go about flushing it out or refilling it, you can take your vehicle to a professional.

4.) Fluid levels: Check your oil, brake fluid, automatic transmission and power steering.

5.) Lights: You want to make sure you can see and that your vehicle is complaint with state laws. Check your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers and interior lights.

6.) A/C: With the summer heat coming, you might want to make sure your air conditioning is working properly. If the air is not blowing cold, have the system repaired before you go.

7.) Belts and hoses: Check to make sure there are no blisters, cracks or cuts in the rubber. Also check that all hose connections are secure.

As we enter the start of the summer, many will be traveling road trip style. This is a great way for friends and family to see different parts of the country, but it is also important to make sure that your car is safe for long distance travel. OKC insurance agents hope that this may have reminded you to give your car a “once over” before you head out on that road trip. Perhaps we have listed something here you may, otherwise, forgotten about!

OKC insurance agents wish everyone a safe and happy upcoming summer vacation!

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