OKC Insurance Agents: What comes next?

According to Susan Breslow Sardone from About Travel, in her article, Wedding & Honeymoon Facts & Figures, June is the most popular month for weddings to occur. Perhaps, at this point you fall into the category of people who have recently been married to your sweetheart. Brides spend so much time thinking about the wedding plans leading up to the wedding and the honeymoon, but many people forget about the after wedding planning. OKC insurance agents want to help you remember some important steps to take once the wedding is over. In fact, OKC insurance agents have made up this list of reminder to-do’s in case your brain is still foggy from that honeymoon vacation (it’s okay, we understand).

OKC insurance agents- tip #1: If you ladies have opted to change your last name then updating your social security card and state driver’s license are on the top of the list of things to do after the wedding.

OKC insurance agents- tip #2: To start receiving mail under your new name/address you will need to pay a visit either online or in person to the United States Postal Service and put in a change of address form.

OKC insurance agents- tip #3: Any financial institutions (banks, loan accounts, credit card companies, etc.) will need to be informed and accounts updated to add your new spouse.

OKC insurance agents – tip #4: Tell your human resources personal at your job about the recent change. If you have any type of insurance benefits through work, then they may need to be updated to reflect your spouse as a beneficiary or just to add them onto benefits. If you don’t have benefits from your job, let your private insurance company know.

OKC insurance agents – tip #5: The last tip we have is to update your home, life and vehicle insurance policies. Many times this step is forgotten, but it is important to make sure the person you are married to has a place in your policy so that they can be covered. With Farmers this could qualify you for additional savings!

There may be several other things you may need to do to get your life on track once your married and a lot of those things will vary based on individual circumstances. We hope that something on this list has reminded you or helped you in some way. More importantly, we wish you a happy marriage!