Swimming Safety Tips From OKC Insurance Agents

Summer is here, school is out so let the summer swimming begin! OKC insurance agents wish everyone a safe and happy upcoming summer vacation and what better fun is there than swimming on a hot day? Going swimming is fun, refreshing and it can be a great form of exercise or relaxation depending on how you chose to swim. We all love to get in the pool, but there is a “best” way to go about swimming. No matter what your swimming style is, OKC insurance agents want you to swim safely this summer.

OKC insurance agents did a little research and found some startling statistics. According to USA Swimming, media reports indicate that 36 states experienced at least one child drowning in a swimming pool or spa during the summer of 2014. No one wants to have to think about safety risks or the terrible things that could happen. To avoid having to worry about awful things like drowning or having to rush to the hospital, OKC insurance agents hope you’ll review these swim safety practices.

Supervision & Alarms: Always have an adult supervising the kids at play in the pool, even if there is a life guard on duty. The adult watching the children needs to be free from distractions such as cell phones or other devices, until after the children are out of the pool. Having an alarm on the door leading to the pool or having an underwater alarm would also be smart as this would sound off should any children accidentally make their way into the water.

Fences & Covers: If swimming at home, it is wise to place a fence around the entire pool to avoid young children from wandering into the pool unintentionally. Cover safety drains for child safety and to prevent suction entrapment of other items. Pool covers are a smart investment to maintain that the pool stays off limits when you’re not around. If you have an above-ground pool, also consider removing the ladder from the pool when not in use so your little ones won’t be tempted to climb.

Swim Lessons & CPR: Providing swimming lessons to your children could just save their life. Learning CPR is another helpful piece of knowledge that might save a life, even if you don’t think you’ll ever use it. The truth is, you just never know!

OKC insurance agents would like to remind you that while all of these safety tips are important to ensure safe swimming for everyone in the family, the most vital, irreplaceable piece of them is supervision. OKC insurance agents say that if you always keep in mind that your supervision is the most important rule, then everyone will be able to have fun swimming safely!