OKC Insurance Agents Reminding You To Be Safe

It’s about to be a fresh, new semester with brand new college students rushing about. In all this commotion some new students may give out or leave behind too much confidential information. It’s important to be careful of identity theft. This world wide epidemic seeps much deeper than just college, but for now our OKC insurance agents wanted to focus in on the reported 24% of all identity theft complaints coming from college-age students. According to Experian, a credit reporting company, nearly three-fourths of the parents of college students believe students are at moderate to high risk for identity theft. So, for all the newbie college students out there, OKC insurance agents are going to harp on the subject of identity theft safety just a bit more.

1.) Never carry your social security card with you. Store it someplace safe!
2.) Never leave your laptop unattended and lock it up when not in use.
3.) Never give friends a phone, loan them money, a credit card or anything financial.
4.) Never use a debit card. Use credit instead for easier purchase tracking.
5.) Consider using your parents address or PO box for safe mail.
6.) Pay attention to what you throw away. Shred important documents first.

OKC insurance agents would like to add that for added protection, keeping all your important documents that you don’t want to throw away locked in a file is a smart choice. Your auto insurance is one of those important documents we speak of! OKC insurance agents know that the risks of identity theft are all too real. Don’t let yourself become one of the statics for identify theft. Stay on the look out for mysterious callers or bizarre e-mails. Unfortunately, that one hundred thousand dollars from Africa probably isn’t real!

Final word from OKC insurance agents: Good luck in college this semester and keep your identity safe!