Why OKC Insurance Agents Do Farmers Friendly Reviews

If you like customer service, then there are plenty of insurance agents that aren’t right for you. Rest assured that if you are using Farmers for your insurance policies, you will get customer service. OKC insurance agents value being able to give customer service versus making a cold sale any day! For all those people not using Farmers, OKC insurance agents began wondering just how many times in the past have you spoken with your agent? Have you ever even met your elusive insurance agent? Do they call you to review your plan and make certain your insurance policy changes as your life changes? If the only contact you have with your insurance agent is a mail-out reminder every 6 months, then you are missing out on the benefits of a Farmers Friendly Review (FFR).

An FFR is a free service offered by OKC insurance agents on behalf of Farmers. It’s also very valuable for customers for many reasons. First of all, the FFR gives you a chance to actually meet your OKC insurance agent, so there is no feeling of “the man behind the curtain.” What we do when we meet you is talk about any changes that might need to be changed on your insurance policy. The following are life changes that may create overlaps or gaps in your current coverage:

– A change in marital status
– The birth of a child
– The purchase of a home
– Adult child moving out
– Acquired a new job
– Planning to retire

OKC insurance agents know that when life changes occur the first thing on your mind may not be your insurance plan, however; Farmers recommends the FFR take place at least once per year or whenever there is a change in your insurance needs. So, remember when you get that phone call from your agent, it’s not that we’re trying to be bothersome. We would love to provide you with customer service rather than make a sale.