OKC Insurance Agents: Beginning a new season

With the month of September charging to a rapid close and October right around the corner, OKC insurance agents have been thinking about fall. It’s about to be a beautiful display of all the changing leaf colors and the crisp air will greet you when you leave the house. School is in full swing by now, OKC insurance agents have so much to do and the feeling of fall settles around us. But wait! We can’t get wrapped up in all that just yet, because it’s time to start preparing our homes for fall. Listed below are some helpful tips to get your fall home maintenance started:

1.) Clean out your gutters (leaves and debris will weigh them down)
2.) Test your heater to make sure it works (call a repairman if need be)
3.) Check and clean out dryer ducts (bird nests, debris, etc are a fire hazard)
4.) Check exterior for peeling paint (it can no longer protect the home’s siding)
5.) Re-caulk around windows and doorframes (to prevent heat from escaping)
6.) Check the roof so you know it’s good to go (in the attic, too)

Aside from these basic tips OKC insurance agents would like to draw attention to an important item inside the home. OKC insurance agents know how busy life gets and that you may not think about checking your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. The truth is that a lot of the newer carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms have long-life batteries so it can be easy to forget to check up on them. Just take a few minutes to make sure they are installed with fresh batteries and working properly. OKC insurance agents hope that this little checklist will get you ready to enjoy the fall weather without having to worry about anymore fall home maintenance.