The Scott Godwin Agency Provides The Details

Talking about life and death isn’t necessarily the most fun or exciting topic for the majority of people. The truth is that most insurance customers don’t ever ask about life insurance and it’s most likely due to the unknown. As an OKC insurance agency, it seems to have been a muted topic. For this reason, The Scott Godwin Agency has decided to break this subject wide open. One of the policy options for Life insurance that often gets skipped over is called Term Life insurance. Here, The Scott Godwin Agency will give you the scoop on Term Life insurance.

Term Life insurance policies are unique in that they offer a large amount of coverage for a lower initial cost. The important part to remember about Term Life insurance is that it is a temporary coverage option. If you have a short-term need or limited budget at this time in your life, then Term Life insurance may be the best option for you. The payment set-up has options as well. You can speak with our OKC insurance agent about paying either a premium on a monthly or annual basis for the length of the term.

The length of a Term Life insurance policy can vary from 10, 20 or 30 years. With Term Life insurance you would be able to cover expenses such as mortgage pay-offs, college expenses or short-term debts should something happen to you unexpectedly. The great part about starting off with a Term Life insurance policy is that you can choose to convert to a lifelong coverage option later on. Talking with The Scott Godwin Agency is a great way to receive the best quote possible for a Term Life insurance policy. If you think you may be interested in learning more about what Term Life insurance can do for you, please give us a call!