The Scott Godwin Agency: Getting ready for a clean sweep

It’s the week before the big “turkey day” or Thanksgiving! Everyone of importance will be coming to your home and you might be freaking out about having the time to get the house absolutely, perfectly spotless. The Scott Godwin Agency understands the stress of the holiday season. Never fret! This OKC insurance agent is all about quick cleaning and that’s precisely why this post is geared towards Thanksgiving house cleaning tips. Are you ready for a clean sweep? You can get ready for the festivities by following these rules for cleaning your house:

Choose your areas: If you know no one will be entering back bedrooms then close the doors off and focus on the main rooms. The kitchen is a must, the dining room is a close second. Other rooms you will want to focus on include the living room and bathrooms. Doing this prevents you from wasting time on unnecessary rooms.

Prevent “cleaning ADHD:” Start on one side of your house and do a clean sweep to other side of the house. Do not backtrack. This avoids the dreaded “cleaning ADHD.”

Avoid dawdling: If you find yourself beginning to dawdle while cleaning, consider setting a timer for each area. Also, keep a trash bag with you for any trash you find so you don’t have to keep running back and forth from room to room.

Avoid distractions: Cleaning tends to make you think about anything, EXCEPT cleaning. For this reason, it may be a good idea to carry around a pen and paper with you so when your brilliant mind thinks up something you just can’t forget about, write it down and keep cleaning.

Make it fun: Listen to fun music to make the idea of cleaning less boring.

As a Farmers, OKC insurance agency, we can say it is worth it to be prepared! Our staff members also believe that by being prepared we can all relax a little more when Thanksgiving comes around. Good luck from all of us here at The Scott Godwin Agency! We hope that you have a smooth cleaning week leading up to Thanksgiving and that your Thanksgiving week is tons of fun!