Why Ice Dams Are Dangerous

When little icicles begin forming, you may not realize that it can mean something significant rather than just frozen water dangling from your roof. If you take a look outside your house and see a lot of them, it may be a red flag. The icicles could be the first warning sign that you have ice dams on your roof. What are ice dams and what does that mean? The Scott Godwin Agency has done some research for you in attempt to inform and prevent costly damages later!

We all know storms in Oklahoma are brutal! Well, one of the ugly results of ice or snow is an ice dam. An ice dam is caused when snow or ice storms hit and your home doesn’t have proper attic ventilation. Without the proper air flow, warmer areas in your attic causes the snow to melt despite the cold outside temperatures. The melted snow accumulates creating an ice dam that is now a wall of ice on the edge of your roof near the gutters or soffit.

The problem that this wall creates is water build up. When snow, more ice or rain comes in behind the ice dam it creates a pool of water. The water can, then, proceed to leak inside the home. If water is allowed to leak into a home for too long it can create damage on the walls, ceilings, insulation, floors and more. I’ll bet you can understand where this could be a potential problem and make for one interesting report to an OKC insurance agent.

Of course, safety is number one in our book. As your  insurance agent experts, we have to tell you that performing ice dam removal alone is very risky if not done properly. To avoid personal injury, never walk on a snow covered roof. It is highly suggested that you contact professionals with the proper equipment and roofing experience to do this for you. If ice dams are an issue for your roof, you may consider looking into getting some proper attic ventilation for the future, as well.

If you need help finding any services, it’s possible someone at The Scott Godwin Agency will be able to refer you to someone. If you need information on what your home insurance covers, or need help filing a claim, please don’t hesitate to give anyone at The Scott Godwin Agency a call!