Business Insurance To Bring In The New Year Right

It’s almost a new year and as 2016 approaches you are dealing with returning phone calls, emails, shipments and more complex, daily activities. In the midst of all that it can be difficult to imagine the worst things happening like fires, car accidents, people slipping on ice or someone falling at your office. These tragedies are the very reason why our team at The Scott Godwin Agency believes that all businesses need business insurance. Our OKC insurance team is here to answer some of the most common questions regarding business insurance.

1. What does business insurance cover? Through business insurance, you can cover your property and business vehicles. Additionally, you can insure against legal claims against the business including liability or workers’ compensation. You also have choices to provide health insurance for your employees among other things.

2. Why purchase business insurance? It’s no secret that we live in a sue-happy society. You don’t want to make the mistake of thinking your business will never be sued or has enough capital to recover from such a blow. Having business insurance shields your business from potential threats to its successful operation.

3. Which types of business insurance is available? Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Business Auto Insurance and Business Crime Insurance are just a few options Farmers can offer you. The Scott Godwin Agency has even more ways to tailor your policy and make it just right for you!

Anyone on our OKC insurance team can help you fine tune your business insurance policy. One of the most important extras is Employment Practices Liability which can cover your business if discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination claims are made by present, former or future employees. Life Insurance for Business Owners is nice, because it can help you plan for business succession, survive the loss of a key employee or partner and retain/reward your top people.

Bring in the new year right with Farmers Business Insurance. To learn more feel free to make an appointment with one of our knowledge, friendly OKC insurance team members. The Scott Godwin Agency is here to answer all of your questions about Business Insurance!