Insurance Agent: Not Everything Is Better Online

People are so infatuated with being able to do everything online, but is it really better to have your insurance covered by an online only insurance company? Our OKC insurance team won’t go as far as to say that online tools aren’t fabulous, but to rely solely on an internet insurance company will leave you with a barrier between you and customer service. There are benefits to having an agent over an online insurance company. Let’s examine a few of those benefits here.

1.) Personalized Service: We’re willing to bet most online insurance companies don’t call you. Ever. The Scott Godwin Agency actually cares about you, your family and future plans. Our insurance policies are flexible and can be changed easily if your life circumstances require it. The best part is that we’re only a phone call away and if you get too busy to call us, we’ll call you regularly to offer a Farmers Friendly Review.

2.) Quicker Service: Have you ever called an online insurance company only to be left on hold for what feels like an eternity or been taken through a long series of automated responses in an attempt to speak to a human being? We know that’s not fun! The Scott Godwin Agency does have office hours, but when we’re open we always have a real-life person to answer the phones. Have a quick question? No problem! We will be around to answer them as quickly as possible.

Next time you find yourself questioning if you should go with an online insurance company versus an independent insurance agent, maybe you’ll think about the benefits of having the real agent. Personalized and quicker service sure does sound good, right? Our OKC insurance team would be happy to serve you.

For your insurance needs, or simply to get answers to questions you may have, don’t hesitate to call The Scott Godwin Agency @ (405) 600-6400.