Insurance Agent: Not Everything Is Better Online

It’s no secret that the internet has just about taken over in our lives. We’re able to do everything from work, school and play online. One thing that The Scott Godwin Agency finds questionable is the reliance on internet insurance companies to provide the best coverage for families. Our OKC insurance team believes in incorporating technology with the old-fashioned personal touch. There are benefits to having an agent over an online insurance company. In the last post we talked about personalized and quicker service. Today, let’s examine two more benefits.

1.) Local Service: When you’re in need of information, filing a claim or reviewing your policy with an online insurance company you may actually be calling another state or country. How can someone that’s not even in your area understand your circumstances or truly help you? The Scott Godwin Agency is nearby, right here in OKC. We are dedicated to serving customers in our area and yes, we dare to say that nothing can beat a face-to-face interaction.

2.) Optional Service: A lot of online insurance companies only offer one service. One quote and that’s all you get! An independent insurance agent can offer you much more. Our OKC insurance team can offer you several quotes by tweaking coverage options to fit your needs and your budget. The Scott Godwin Agency also offers you policies ranging from auto, home, life, business and more.

The bottom line is that not everything is better online. The benefits of having a personalized, quick, local service with multiple insurance policy options simply beats out anything an online company can offer. When it comes to insuring what you love in your life, don’t settle for risky insurance. Our OKC insurance team would be happy to serve you.

For your insurance needs, or simply to get answers to questions you may have, don’t hesitate to call The Scott Godwin Agency @ (405) 600-6400.